We can achieve more by combining your technical expertise and my writing skills.

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If you are frustrated by slow progress on any of your projects, I can help. I do this through research, as well as writing and editing a broad range of documents, including strategies, policies, bylaws and plans.


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Frustrated by slow progress on your projects? What more could you achieve if these tasks were done for you…

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I enjoy editing for a wide range of clients, and have experience with the following types of documents…

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“Debra is a highly proficient writer and policy analyst. Debra always delivers what she says she will in a professional manner and in a way that is engaging and easily understood.”

Matt Heale, Manager Environment, Nelson City Council

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How to Create Successful Council Documents

Writing about technical issues

My particular skill is translating complex issues into accurate and easy to understand information. I am passionate about clear writing to support consultation and decision-making processes.


Specifically you bring to your team (and to Council) a remarkably positive can-do attitude that is backed up by clear strategic thinking and attention to detail.

Keith Marshall, Chief Executive, Nelson City Council

Your contribution was illustrated by the way you grappled with the dog control policy and bylaw. You remained committed to high quality community engagement through being professional, actively listening and seeking the best solution for our city. You have promoted and demonstrated personal leadership and positive attitudes.

Richard Johnson, Acting Chief Executive, Nelson City Council

I would like to thank Debra Bradley for initiating this series [of articles] and getting me motivated to contribute under her editorial tutelage. Her grasp of these matters is impressive and I would commend her services to councils throughout the country.

David McMahon, Independent Hearing Commissioner and resource management consultant, RMG

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